Unbound Cordless Auto Curler

Unbound Cordless Auto Curler

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Usually we take a long time while styling our hair and we may use huge and exhausting tools that require the help of others or suffer from bad hair and face more difficulty in order to wrap it as we want, but have you heard of a wireless automatic creasing machine? Unbound Cordless Auto Curler is an easy-to-use tool that will save you a lot.

If we look at the shape of this machine, it looks a little like a cup and is available in beige only, its size may appear large in the photos, but it is small in size and light in weight, but there are those who face difficulty in carrying the machine and hairdressing their hair so you can put the device anywhere and then put Your hair inside and then the rotor will pull your hair automatically and then you can take it out easily. The creasing device is designed at the top and is surrounded by a barrier for heat, and you can see the temperature in the middle where there is a start and settings button, since it is a wireless device, when it is finished charging, you can charge it from the bottom, the duration of the device is sixty minutes, but it depends on the temperature That you will use.

The best thing about this tool is that it is wireless, as you can move around with it at any time and any place. You will not have to choose a suitable place for the length of the wire, and you can put it in your bag and travel in it as well. You can do it yourself, and you do not have to cost yourself to go to the beauty salons and pay a lot for your hair. You can use this simple, easy machine in your own home and hairdressing your hair as you wish, if you are having difficulty dealing with your hair then this machine is suitable for all types of hair so you do not need to worry, but it is preferable to split the hair and comb it before starting so that it can be used more easily, this machine will facilitate you Much as long-lasting, leave the rest of the hairdressing tools and use only these!

This machine is not only for curl, but you can also make waves for your hair, ease is a good thing and everyone desires it, but this tool is not all that is characterized by ease, but there are results, of course, this machine will provide you with the desired appearance so all you have to think about is What will your appearance look like after styling your hair and start using it, and it will show you what you wanted, as this is not an exaggeration, you will definitely see the results that you will want from smoothness and shine and your hair will look healthier. You can go to your appointments easily and you will not be late either, and you will walk confidently with your beautiful hair. You can style your hair in the direction you want, whether right or left. Those who have short hair can also use it, but beware, do not put a lot amount of hair inward so that it does not tangle , you can split your hair for several parts. If left idle, the unit will turn off automatically after 15 minutes to conserve battery life.



  • The highest temperature is 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • 3 heating timer settings.

  • It has an automatic shutdown feature.

  • Compact size (2 “x 7.5” x 2 “) USB charger and 2 Li-ion batteries.

This tool is quite easy to use, but others may face some problems to deal with this machine, please see the user manual, it is best to charge it before starting to use it in order to not make any errors and be fully charged, girls, I really recommend you this amazing little machine, whatever you want is there , if you want your appearance to look beautiful, then you got that, and if you want to save money, then you got that, and if you want to save time and effort, you have exactly what you want, then this machine will definitely give you what you want to look even sparkling after using this. I use this machine personally and my hair styling has become more easy and smooth and I no longer use a lot of hairdressing tools since I already have this I really suggest it to you and you can also suggest it to family members or friends or present it as a gift to them, since we saw all the distinguished The machine has benefits and characteristics, some may worry about the price, but it is definitely worth the price. I also remind you about price changes and it may increase later, so you should seize the opportunity and get one of this for you.

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