Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush Massager

Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush Massager

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Your skin must be exposed to many factors that expose it to fatigue and damage. Of course, you want ways to take care of it as there are many ways to do that. I offer you a skin cleaning device with a massage brush that will treat your skin and clean it.

The 3-in-1 facial brush massage device features a 60-second deep cleaning with 2000 touch points, peeling, anti-aging massage, medical-grade silicone brush and it is rechargeable electric with advanced micro-tensioning vibrations. Available in a light blue and pink color, you can clean your face with prominent bristles and massage it as well. You can also note that the front part of this device is different from the back part as the front part you can see the settings from the start and stop button And also the speed increase button and the speed decrease button as it reaches 9000 beats per minute, preferably used on the T region while the other side can be used throughout the face as the entire device is characterized by fifteen speed settings and partial stability vibrations this device is 35 times healthier Of nylon brushes. Equipped with its own bag and there is no need to worry since there is a guarantee of two years. Feel confident in your skin, this is the best foundation that you can wear as it gives you glowing, healthy skin! Treat yourself or a member of your family.

You do not need to worry about your skin type, this device is suitable for use with all skin types, including sensitive skin, and until you get glowing skin, you can clean your skin better by using an electric face wash brush, it is wireless as you can move it anywhere you want and use it in any Time as it is hassle free; no need to replace brush heads or battery. It is a small and lightweight device that you can travel comfortably in the palm of your hand as well and you will not feel uncomfortable while carrying it to massage your face and clean it as it is waterproof, you can use it during the shower, which makes cleaning easier after using it, and this device is not for the face only, but you can use it to clean your neck and massage it also. You can also remove dirt, oils, blackheads and makeup better than the manual brush so feel confident with skin with a smooth and beautiful texture . You do not need to try a lot of masks or mixtures for skin care or even go to beauty salons in order to get a facial massage, while you own this device it will save you a lot as it will give you the required comfort and desired results.

I have not yet told you what this device can do because it has many advantages and many benefits. Every time you use this device for massaging your face and cleaning it, it will increase collagen and enhance the flow of oxygen, as it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, restores skin firmness and fights aging as well, and not only this They feature gentle exfoliation to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells gently, and reduce acne and blemishes, so you can have smoother, younger looking skin For better absorption, use your favorite serum and creams and use a skin care booster. After you use this amazing device, you will get beautiful natural skin and you will fall in love with your skin when using the cleansing cosmetic brush. Renew your healthy luster and let the Sonic Beauty brush gently exfoliate your skin to get smooth, glowing and young skin. This device is for those who want clean, good-quality natural beauty products that work well good.


  1. Use the front of the Sonic Face Brush with your favorite cleanser to cleanse.
  2. Adjust to desired speed settings.
  3. Rinse with water.
  4. Use the Skincare Booster on the back of the Sonic Beauty Brush with your favorite serums and creams to massage for better absorption.


LUXSIO Sonic Beauty Brush
USB Charging Cable Velvet Bag
User Manual + Online Instructional Video

Say goodbye to delicate irritated skin, and say hello to soft and healthy skin, this device is designed this way to make it easier to reach the areas around the nose, eyes and area T better than the circular shape it is supportive for skin care as the bristles of the back of this cosmetic brush mimic the gentle needle to Aside from subtle facial lift vibrations that penetrate the serums of the face and creams in the layers of the skin more than manual application. You can use this device as part of a daily skin care routine as it enhances it so you can put your favorite skin care products and use the back of the device for massage to better absorb the active ingredients and moisturize your skin effectively so give your face a soothing massage that enhances collagen production and promotes the flow of oxygen. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhances skin tone and firmness. This device is really better than other skin cleaners Other face cleaning brushes can be abrasive or simply broken after a few uses while the 3-in-1 brush uses tiny tensile vibrations with a soft medical silicone to clean your skin and exfoliate and massage it as it gives you deeper cleaning of your face and smooth, beautiful and glowing skin. A perfect gift for any occasion so get it now before prices rise. You have to get one of your own and take advantage of the opportunity now since prices are subject to change.

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