Rotating Hot Air Brush (TruBeauty)

Rotating Hot Air Brush (TruBeauty)

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If you were taking a lot of time while styling your hair then you must need a tool that facilitates its styling, so I will suggest you this rotating hot air brush, it will make it easier for you to style your hair and you will not have to worry about your appointments or about getting another tool for styling your hair, as you see this brush is designed from several directions so that you can Styling your hair and making it softer in whatever direction you want.

The rotating hot air brush is designed in pink, white and blue colors, and has a wide range of brushes for styling your hair and normal air. You can dry your hair with it and hot air to make your hair more smooth. There is no need to bring a special brush and other dryers. It is designed in a way that you can control your hair. And style it the way you want it, 2-inch plated ceramics are available in three degrees of heat to you choose what suits your hair and does not exceed what it tolerates or reduces the heat required for your hair and then you will not get the desired results. The way to deal with it may be difficult at first, but to make it easier, there are two buttons : the right to style your hair from the inside. And the left side is from outside.

As we see, this tool looks completely rectangular, not like the rest of the hairdressing tools with curves, but it is light in weight and easy to carry to move it and styling your hair with ease, this brush is not just a brush but it is rotating and wrapping while the air hairdress your hair and all you have to do is Place it in the area you want, both above your head and in the middle and the edges, This tool is comfortable for you, it will save your time and effort, and you will not have to go to the beauty salons and pay a lot, you can hairdress your hair at home without anyone’s help, you can easily carry it and use it and you will not take much time while styling it, since it is a rotating hot air brush, smoothness and shine until you look well and more confident.


  • The rotating hot air brush saves time, effort and money.

  • It is used for several capabilities.

  • Safe for daily use.

  • Negative ions are released that neutralize positive ions.

  • Reduced heat settings.

  • 360 swivel cord.


SKU TB20713
Height 4.00 (in)
Width 4.25 (in)
Depth 16.75 (in)
Color : pink, white, blue, black

The rotating hot air brush maintains the ionic balance in your hair and makes it appear healthier and more shiny and restores your hair health and strengthens it until it becomes brighter so you can restyle your hair comfortably and will not take more than fifteen minutes and the results of your hairstyle can remain for two or three days If you are not exposed to moisture, Design the cord in a way that prevents it from getting stuck or tangle so that every time you use it makes it easy to reach different areas of your reach different areas of your hair,The wire is not so short that it hinders you from what you are doing and it is not too long for someone to stumble upon it, this brush is suitable for all types of hair: long, short, dry, wet. It is preferable to split your hair and put a good amount on the brush so that it does not tangle and spoil your hair or does not give the hair the air the heat needed to soften it and style it, but there is no need to worry because the brush is suitable for all types of hair and the brush is distinguished in such a way that makes heat reaching it more easy than Other tools.

I mentioned a lot to you about this amazing brush, but it may be difficult to control it for some. If you have not used a hot air brush before, this may be somewhat uncomfortable in the beginning because the brush is a little larger than you might expect, but it will be easier to use with Time, although it is used for all types of hair, however, those who have short hair may face difficulty in controlling the direction of their hair. I cannot say that everything is good, but it is characterized by several good things and also has negative aspects. The results may not appear quickly to some people depending on the type of hair and the handle may be great to hold, but the brush type is a new and innovative thing that will move on its own and all you have to do is wait until it finish its work and then you can pull it in the desired direction and see the desired result, Looking at the price, I see it well and worth its price. It has a lot of features facilitate you a lot. I will not forget to remind you that prices are subject to change so you should seize the opportunity and to get one for you and at a good price.

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Rotating Hot Air Brush (TruBeauty)

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