Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Hot Air Brush

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Hot Air Brush

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Do you want a tool that facilitates the beautification of your hair and saves your time? So you have to take a look at this unique hair dryer in one step: It is a hair dryer with a round shape brush designed in this unique shape to help the users to soften and damage the hair, and it also provides results twice more than the rest of the hair dryers where you can save time and effort.

1. Style

Revlon dryer uniquely designed a one-step hair brush that facilitates brushing your hair and gives it shine while you can curl your hair completely with tufted brush to loosen tangles and improve volume and control, and its ends are designed in this way to comfort your scalp while brushing your hair, a hair dryer is available with four Colors: Pink, Blue, Mint, Turquoise.

2. Comfort

You must be sick and tired of spoiling your hair? so you should use this unique dryer.
Smooth design with amazing results, while we look at this hair dryer, its design seems unique, but not only that!! it also comfortable to use in terms of designing the ends of the mattress spherically so that your scalp feels comfortable while using it, you can save your time for ease of use and quickly get the desired results You will not have to go to the salon, but you can use it yourself at home and you can save your effort, you will not brush your hair again and again since the results will appear from the first time, the sound of the dryer may not be like the rest of the dryers, but do not panic, this is normal.


  • Designed to curl your hair once and get the desired result.

  • rounded edges for comfortable use.

  • 1100W power provides the right heat.

  • This stand can be placed closer to the scalp for lifting.

  • 3 Heat / speed settings for design flexibility.

  • Built with a real ION generator to enhance fast drying for healthy and shiny hair.

  • Heat distribution reaches the hair quickly and dries up inside.

  • 4-year limited warranty.

  • Lightweight handle for comfort and ease of use.

  • The wire design is unique and easy to prevent getting tangled.

  • Unique airflow vents for faster drying and less damage.


Do you want to dry and soften your hair in a short time and less effort?
So stop damaging your hair !! Revlon dryer can one-step hair drying and styling your hair at the same time, which saves your time and effort, you just need to put a hot hair brush under your hair and then roll out to the end. Suitable for all types of dry hair, wetness, light thick
, You can change the heat according to your hair type so that the heat is not high or low on your scalp To style your hair as you wish and give you smooth and soft hair and you can also use it for drying and styling, you can use it anywhere and any time, you can also use it In the bathroom, comfortably, increase the you will see the results quickly with a single roll and you will be satisfied with it , increase the moisture of your hair and reduce the damage to the hair and its nourishment.

5.Specifications and cold air, constant temperature, negative ions(Strong wind, 3-speed wind-driven tourmaline ceramic heating)
4.Working Voltage:110V/50Hz
5.Wattage: 1000W power
6.Size 13.4 inch(L) * 4.3 inch(H)
7.Power Cord: approx 2.0m
8.Package Size: 40.5 * 14 * 9cm / 15.94 * 5.51 * 3.54in
9.Package Weight: 620g / 21.87oz

Warning: The unit is designed for 120 volts only in the USA. Do not use a voltage transformer as it will damage the unit. Do not wrap the wire around the unit while it is not in use or during storage as this will cause corrosion on the wire.


Since you have reached the end with me, I will tell you about my own opinion about this wonderful dryer, frankly I have used it recently and I saw a great change in my hair despite the fact that my hair type is rough and difficult to deal with but the dryer brush facilitates its use while permeating the brush Between my scalp I keep it for a reasonable period and pull it off easily. This is the first time I use a dryer like this and I have not had much trouble brushing my hair. What I liked most about this dryer is its brush. It really facilitates smoothing your hair and drying it at one time. Its ventilation holes help you dry and Faster gloss, I thought that I should have one for me, but upon first use a slight smoke and smell will appear, but this is only natural in the beginning. I asked many about what happened to me and everyone said that there is nothing wrong with that and this happened with them also and some have used it for more than three months and it still works well with them, I really recommend you this, you will really love it , it will be a lot easier for you and the price really deserves, it has many advantages, suggest this product to a family member and friend as well or you can give them as a gift they will be really happy with that.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Hot Air Brush

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