Natural & Organic Face Mask Machine

Natural & Organic Face Mask Machine

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You must be the type who wants to take care of your skin in a natural way. There are many ways to do that. Usually, the masks are ready to use and natural, but have you heard of a device that you can make your own mask and with what component ?? There is a smart mask making machine with which you can make your mask with fruits and vegetables! And ideally too.

This machine is specially designed for making masks only. It is available in white color, has a length of 165 mm and a width of 119 mm. It also features English directional voice. Above the device there is a nozzle in which you will pour fruits or vegetables with a button to start the process of making the mask and the half of the top of the machine is made of ABS material, the middle of the machine there is a special operation button and below it a nozzle where the natural mask flows and you can make your mask by supplying This machine by the power, then pour 60 ml of water into the nozzle of the machine and 20 ml of fruit or vegetable juice Or any kind of natural material that you want to make as a mask for your face and then put a collagen peptide substance that will help the mask to hold on and click on the operation button in the middle of the machine and leave it for five minutes until the fruit mask is formed and after it is complete do not forget to bring the mask plate and put it In front of the machine and by clicking on the top button the fruit mask will flow onto its mask plate and remember that you cannot put anything else but its mask plate only until it forms well and then leave it for a short period until it cools and finally take the mask and put it on your face depending on The period you want, but not less than ten minutes And enjoy healthy skin made from your hand.

This machine is designed to save you effort, time and even money !! There is no need to go to the beauty and skin care centers and pay a lot, and there is no need to search for the types of masks appropriate for your skin in order to use them. Also, there is no need to buy many masks and throw them after that. This machine allows you to make the mask that you want in your own home. And also choosing its type, whether of fruits or vegetables, or any other type only, it must be a liquid and this machine lasts with you for a long time where you can re-use the mask you prefer and choose what suits you from among many fruits and vegetables, this machine is the appropriate choice And the best for you and those who want to take care of their skin. This machine is multi-functional as it features four functions, and you can make a mask for the face, eye, hand, and a special steam for the face as you wish, as this machine is safe to use and natural without any additives, no preservatives and no irritants where you can use fresh vegetables and fruits as raw materials Or you can use the active peptide of this machine to moisturize the skin. You do not need to worry about using this machine as it is easy to handle and smart and the power button operates by touch and lights up while working, and the safety feature is also important. When the temperature reaches 105 ° C, the power will be automatically turned off by the anti-dry burning function.

The face mask operates natural, smart masks with the Collagen Facial Mask model. The feature of the steam mask is an amazing feature that not only makes the mask, but can also create a special steam for making SPA for the face.You can also vaporize your face and open the skin spray and skin pores. Facial Mask Machine, Hand Mask Machine, Facial Steam Machine at the same time in order to moisturize your skin and restore its radiance and health. You do not need to worry about your skin type, it is suitable for all skin types. The active peptide mask is suitable for the main features as it is comfortable, fast, safe and more suitable for office workers and people with little spare time. While the fruit and vegetable mask is suitable for the main features comfortable, enjoyable and more suitable for people who enjoy a long free time. This machine is completely safe to use and will never harm your skin and will not cause irritation or redness to the skin or cause any kind of damage to your skin just as the materials used in it are completely natural and benefit your skin to make it healthier and nourish and open it as it removes dirt It cleans it and makes it shine and brighter so you don’t need to worry about using it as it is suitable for women who put a lot of cosmetics, It is known that frequent use of makeup will harm your skin and health, so your skin needs special care in order to restore its health, this machine is completely appropriate and will remove Makeup waste and open the pores It makes your skin healthier and more beautiful.

What does the box include?

1x mask machine
1x mask plate
1x 100ml cup
1x cleaning bruh
1x english manual
1x power cord
1x mask knife
1x 32 pcs collagen
1x box
3 bags of bioactive peptides
1x cup brush
1x double-ended brush
1x measuring cup
1x adapter
2x manual
1x mask board
1x host
1x hand mask board


Condition: 100% brand new
Item type: vegetable face mask
Matorlal: ABS+Stainless steel
Color: White
voltage: AC 110-20v
Powor: 90W 50-60Hz
Temperature to DIY: 80
Maximum Water: 90ml
Voice: English Voice
Mask Making Time: 5 minutes

This machine is the amazing and ideal machine for those who want to take care of their skin and it is easy to use, but if you encounter difficulty using it, see the user manual so you can be more comfortable and feel comfortable while using it, but beware when you use the cooking function make sure to clean the device and do not activate a job Steam when the machine is dry or under water and do not add any additives to the device to prevent water spray burns, and it is best to use pure water. It is also preferable to use these healthy masks before bed as part of your care routine in order to enjoy more effective results. I have used this mask and I can see the results since the first use, my skin has become more beautiful and as it has become more smooth so you should try it guys, it is amazing !! And the best thing is that you are the one who can control the mask type, so make a mask with pomegranate, aloe , honey, yogurt and eggs as well. You can use these masks daily, but using it four times a week will be sufficient, and half an hour a day is the ideal time to restore your skin’s health. After using this mask, do not forget to wash your face well, as you mentioned, it is preferred to sleep directly until your skin relaxes and you get a good rest in order to wake up. And you see double results. Also, these health masks are useful for those who work long hours in front of the computer screen as they exhaust their eyes and their skin, they need to restore their radiance, they should use these healthy masks, as it reduces dark circles, removes dead skin and blackheads, and cleans the skin from all dirt and opens it. The machine is suitable for all ages and both sexes and can also be used as a gift for yourself or your girlfriend. You can get this special machine as one of your own, it is a good price and great advantages, but do not forget that the prices are subject to change, it may rise later, it is better to take the opportunity now and get it at a good price, so what are you waiting for?

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