Ms.W Face Massager Anti Wrinkles

Ms.W Face Massager Anti Wrinkles

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Whether you are old or not, some wrinkles may appear on your face and neck and there is no doubt that you want to get rid of them as there are many ways to treat this problem such as masks and a lot as well, but some of them may take a long time so I will give you a way to get rid of facial defects Like wrinkles and sagging easily and with amazing results.

The anti-wrinkle and sagging facial massage device works by the heat, but you do not have to worry, it is not harmful heat, but it will treat your skin and restore its youth, as there are vibrations to tighten the skin and lift it and fight aging. This device is characterized by 45 ℃ ± 5 high temperature as it is wireless, it is rechargeable by using a USB cable, it is available in three modes. Looking at this device, it is white and golden in color, and its shape is unique and innovative, as it designed its head in a curved way, and its handle is round. Available with a protective cover, the golden part at the top of the device is the massage head, and there are several LED lights inside the massage head in order to permeate the outer layers of skin. In the middle of the machine there is a button to turn on and off, and at the bottom of the device there is a USB input port for charging after charging is exhausted. Long-term use can reduce fine lines, double chin and neck wrinkles. This device helps you to enhance the absorption of nutrients and promote the elimination of toxins and their expulsion. If you have difficulty regarding the way this device works and its use, see the user guide.

When you use this device, you will feel comfortable, and your face will also relax. You can treat your skin using this tool after exposing your face to a lot of damages such as changing the weather and the frequent use of cosmetic products. The head of this device is designed in a curved way to match the curves of the face and so that you can massage your face comfortably and the handle is round so that you can carry it so that you do not feel disturbed while holding it for a long time. It is ergonomically designed to relax during the push-up process and to make skin flat and firm. Since this device works by heat, it brings blood flow to every area and massages it to remove the dead skin layer and slow down the aging of the skin. When you use your skin care products that are appropriate for your skin type, while massaging your face with creams or oils, this will increase the effect of serums.

Three modes with smart timing function:

  1. Massage mode: massage your skin and improve acne.
  2. Puffiness mode: lymph dredge edema, improve swelling and double chin.
  3. Wrinkle placement: increase cell viability, accelerate blood circulation, and have a great effect on smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, and firmness of the skin.

This device was distinguished by three functions in three modes, it is one device, but while using this tool you will using it as if you are using three devices, so the memory mode function makes the device more easy to use. The first mode is characterized by a vibrational frequency of 6200 times / minute, which makes your skin get the comfort you want, tightens loose skin and gives it a more beautiful look, promotes collagen synthesis and helps you to have healthy skin without defects Also, this gear is suitable for oily and sensitive skin, as these two types of skin are the most in need of care. As for the second gear, it is characterized by a vibrational frequency of 9500 times / minute, which is more than the first gear, which makes the treatment of your skin healthier, and the magnetic heat treatment at 45 degrees where the pores of your skin permeates and revitalizes it, enhances the microcirculation in the surface of the skin and helps that In cleaning your skin, it also fights edema, soothes and calms the skin. While the third and last gear is characterized by a vibrational frequency at 12500 times / minute, it is the most between the first and second gear and the best position. The higher the frequencies, the more useful for your skin, tightening and treating it. The magnetic heat treatment in this gear is at 45 degrees and it is Similar to the second gear, it improves blood circulation and makes you healthier as it removes wrinkles until you look better and more beautiful, restores your natural skin color which makes you more confident and look younger.


Apply some skin care products on neck and face Use the massage head close to neck, lift from bottom several times Then fit the face skin and lift, make skin tightened Lift along the wrinkles, improve double chin, smile lines, eye wrinkles and activates skin cell.


*Recommend to use it 10 minutes per day. For example, 5 mins in the morning, 5 mins in the evening at the end of your skincare routine.
*Be sure to use it dynamically, don’t use it fixedly to avoid hurt to the skin.
*This product is suitable for normal skin. Due to its vibration and heating properties, we do not recommend using it if your skin is thin or in damaged.
*Please do not use it when connecting the power supply. The button WILL NOT RESPOND in that way.
*When you use liquid products on face and neck, please dry the liquid before using the massager, or we suggest to use together with thick cream or essential oil.

What does the box include?

1*Facial Massager
1*User Manual
1*Cleaner Cloth
1*USB Charger
1*Gift Box

This device will give you young skin as it features a unique massage head that is inspired by the dolphin tail and has a unique and comfortable contour design with a patent of two in one, then when you use this device you will like it and put it in your skin care routine and this wrinkle massager can be used on both The face and neck are perfectly suited to both the neck and the face, providing you with a professional massage. Using a traditional hand massage can lead to only about 30% of the benefit, while most dirt and defects will remain on the surface of the skin, which may cause acne, while using this massager will lead to about 95% of the benefit and makes your skin healthy and beautiful and become more confidence. With age, your skin cells will become stressful so how do you want to remove tension and soften your skin, the solution is simply by using natural products that nourish and massage your face with it using this amazing device where it promotes blood circulation and stimulates the skin cells and maintains its elasticity, also helps to tighten the face And eye massage helps to relax and get rid of dark circles, remove wrinkles, contain facial skin and raise it several times, and eliminate puffiness, You can eliminate the double chin by massaging for one minute. Please note that this tool may not give you an overnight result. The usual daily use in the morning and evening after applying skin care products then your skin will look healthier and feel more comfortable. If you want to have this amazing device, you can do that now, the price may rise later, so you have to take the opportunity now and get one for you at a good price, the prices are subject to change.

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