Mini Makeup Washing Machine

Mini Makeup Washing Machine

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If you use cosmetics frequently, there is no doubt that you must clean your tools such as brushes and sponges, and you must have your own methods of cleaning, but have you heard of a mini washing machine for washing makeup tools ?? This may be new to the majority, but I will give you an easy way to wash your makeup tools until you take good care of them and keep them clean without needing to quickly replace them.

This small machine was designed in a simple way, as you can see it looks like a game, but it is similar to a real washing machine. Since it is a toy, it is made of plastic so that it is easy to use, as it is small in size and light in weight, it is 2.95in wide, while its length is 4.12in. This mini washer is only available in black and gold And you can see the operation button outside from the right part of the machine and it also contains a drain tube like the real washing machine and inside it you can see the drain hole and washing machine also and below it there is a battery input box and you can use only the type of AA, it comes with its own screwdriver and a nice sticker And one piece of a small makeup brush and there is a dry bucket one piece in it and the washing machine cover is transparent so you can see how it works from the inside, it is like a realistic washing machine and more fun while using it.

This mini washing machine is small in size and suitable for carrying and storage, and this size makes it nice and gentle and also can give you a wonderful appearance to your surroundings which made the shape of this washing machine look more attractive it is designed in the form of a real and realistic washing machine and the cartoon pattern printed on The surface made it more pleasant and full of joy makes you feel happy when using it. No need to wash toiletries with your bare hands anymore, this machine provides you with the required comfort and is also easy to operate. All you have to do is fill the small washing machine with warm water and mix it with the makeup cleaner Put makeup brushes and sponge in, then start the machine, and wait a few moments. This small washing machine is suitable for cleaning your makeup tools and you can wash makeup brushes, sponges, powder powder, etc. It also cleans it well without damaging it or damaging it which saves your time and energy. Please use a regular battery (2 AA batteries) and the screwdriver can help you put the battery in the device. Do not use a high-capacity battery so that the circuit board does not burn due to a lot of power. This washing machine is a suitable game only to clean small things and more suitable for cleaning makeup tools when you put large things inside the washing machine will slow down or stop working!

When you get this washing machine, you will be inside its own box, and all you have to do to use it is to take it out and use its own screwdriver to put the batteries, then put it anywhere you want it since it is wireless and then pour an appropriate amount of water into the washing machine with a little soap after it Get some tools, such as sponges or brushes, but each tool differs in the way it is cleaned The brushes cannot be inserted all since they are long in shape and also they do not expand the size of the washing machine. You just have to put the part that needs cleaning and it is the front of the mattress the part that contains bristles and you can clean more than one brush at the same time and start clicking the play button to start Cleaning and wait for a short time, it will not take a long time to clean, and after finishing cleaning, take out the brush and wash it with clean water without soap and dry it and if you want to clean other tools such as sponges, you cannot wash more than one sponge since the size of the sponges is large while the washing machine is small then you must insert a sponge one only And if the water that you used to clean the brushes is dirty, change it to clean water with new soap and repeat the previous cleaning process. After finishing cleaning all your makeup tools, you should drain the water where you can bring a small bowl until the water from the drainage tube flows into the bowl or carry The entire washing machine is drained into a washbasin or bathroom. Also, the makeup brush washer can not only wash the brushes, but can also dry them with a dry bucket. You can finish washing and drying in a short time and thus you have clean makeup tools.


Color: Black and gold (as the pictures shown)
Material: Plastic
Size: 2.95in/4.12in

Package includes:

1 x Makeup brush washing machine
1 x Dry bucket
1 x Decorative sticker
1 x Screwdriver

This small machine is the best and easiest to clean your makeup tools as it features high quality materials, it is durable and strong. Even the way it works is similar to reality and stable rotation with little vibration is easy to carry. But remember to keep it away from children under the age of three while it is okay to play with it. If they are older than this, it can teach preschool children to use home appliances. It is more suitable for children who love to play roles, it is a wonderful gift and game at the same time. Corrosion-resistant to ensure your brushes stay perfectly clean and soft for a long time. It works just like a real washing machine. Please pay attention to the amount of water used and control it, there is no need to use too much water, as much water may overflow. I use this machine personally, as it made it easier for me to clean my makeup tools, it works for a short time, but it cleans the tools well and removes dirt and becomes as if it is new. Convenience and no need to change my tools after using it for a short period only. The best thing about this machine is that it is wireless, so you can take it and carry it with you wherever you go and transport it to enjoy your time. It is an ideal gift for children and friends. If you want a tool to clean small things, especially makeup tools, you should use these, which will save you your time, effort and even your money, so the price is worth it, but do not forget that the prices are subject to change, it may rise later, it is better to get one of your own and for a good price, what are you waiting for?

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