Mask Skin Care Photon Light therapy Electric Therapy

Mask Skin Care Photon Light therapy Electric Therapy

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For skin care especially the face, we may use a lot of masks and After we finish from using it we will throw it in the garbage, but have you heard of a mask that you can use for several years? Of course, something like this is exist (Skin Care Mask Photon Light therapy Electric Therapy) an electric face mask that you can use multiple times since it works by electricity. This mask is innovative and unique. Perhaps you haven’t heard much about it, but there really is such a thing. Come to know more about this amazing mask.

Mask Skin Care Photon Light therapy Electric Therapy is one of the latest technologies in terms of its quality and is available in golden and white, but the lights that emit it are available in seven colors: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, light blue, white so all these lights are available in one mask and every light has a certain characteristic that we will learn about in a little while , Safe to use and environmentally friendly, this mask is not made from harmful substances or causes diseases, so you do not need to worry and In order to feel comfortable and satisfied, there is a one-year warranty, medium size, and was designed to be larger than the natural face so that the results include corners of the face, and its weight is not light or heavy It is suitable for its properties and contents.

This mask gives you comfort and save time and money as well. You will not have to buy many masks and waste money so you will buy one mask that lasts for a long time, you can use it like the rest of the masks so all you have to do is operate one of the features that are suitable for your face and lie comfortably while you read or watch TV Or while browsing your phone, it is best to use it in a comfortable place, as relaxation maximizes the results, and you can use this mask anytime, anywhere you want. And you can make this mask within your care routine, and you will achieve more amazing results compared to the previous days. Also, there is no need to go to salons and specialized places to care for the beautification of your face and your skin. While you have this amazing mask, it will be a substitute for more than one tool. Suitable for all skin types, but preferably to avoid using it for those who suffer from a thyroid or eye condition.

This mask has a lot of benefits, but if you want to see the results that you desired, you have to commit to using them while taking care of your face with the rest of the creams and lotions. For better results, it is best to use reliable products suitable for your skin type so that the results multiply. This mask can be a substitute for regular masks and salons, this mask emits natural light waves that permeate the skin and solve stubborn skin problems and reduce wrinkles, treats many impurities Like acne scarring, uneven skin, fights oily areas, cleans pores and prevents moisture loss in your face, promotes metabolism in cells, brightens and opens the skin. The ALL-IN-ONE anti-aging system helps genetically transform and rejuvenate your skin. This mask will restore your elastic and youthful skin and restore your health and spectacles. Each wavelength of the seven lights has a different effect and deals with skin problems depending on their types.


Pro 7 Color LED Mask :

  • Red Light : Red light is characterized by increased blood circulation and collagen production.

  • Blue Light : Soothes and tightens the skin.

  • Green Light : Reduces wrinkles and fine lines, fights aging, Improve Pigmentation , Prevents composition Melanin Pigment.

  • Yellow Light : Reduces smooth skin redness.

  • Purple Light : Relaxing, Improves Lymph Metabolism.

  • Cyan Light : Calms allergies and speeds up metabolism.

  • White Light : Accelerate tissue metabolism.

  • this mask can penetrate the skin layer of 3.7~3.9 mm.

  • charged by wire.

  • It can be controlled by Remote Control.


100% Brand new and high quality
Type: Photon dynamic light facial beauty, Light flashing
Plug: US Plug
Product Weight: 1.35kg
Number of LED : 192
Colors of Lights: 7 Colors

What does the box include?

Facial & Neck Mask (with box)
Remote Control
Power Cord
USB Cable
Black accessories
User Manual

How do I use it?

It is best to use it on the bed or sofa and put a pillow under your neck until your head is slightly tilted, if you have a Wound in your face do not use it, after turning off the power do not look directly at the LED light or your eyes will be damaged, it is preferred to use it from ten to thirty minutes a day, do not raise the level Energy from the first use, but start gradually, after it is out of charge you can charge it for two to three hours, it is forbidden for pregnant women, children, thyroid patients to use it.

As we have seen together how beautiful this mask is and what its capabilities are, and since it is long-lasting, of course it will be expensive, but definitely worth its price and do not forget that the price is changeable, I can say that this mask is one of the best products carefully concerned with the skin, I liked the special part of The neck it is not only for the face but also cares for the neck area, and with the same amazing results. no doubt that beauty is related to the health of our skin. This mask is really amazing and of high quality. There were a lot of people who visited dermatologists for years and did not get the desired results while this mask would change a lot in your skin, But you will not see the effect immediately, you need some time to treat your skin, so you should continue to use it and be patient, everyone who cares carefully about his skin should definitely get this mask and use it as part of the daily care routine, as I mentioned earlier, this mask is comfortable to use It is suitable for all skin types and you can use it whenever you want, but with a limited time, but beware, the daily use may irritate your skin and harm it, so it is preferable to be from three to four times a week, guys I will not continue to praise this mask, you should try it for yourself until you see how much he can do, come on, what are you waiting for ??

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Mask Skin Care Photon Light therapy

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