Makeup Organizer & Mode Cosmetic Storage Boxes with Led Mirror

Makeup Organizer & Mode Cosmetic Storage Boxes with Led Mirror

you can find Makeup Organizer & Mode Cosmetic Storage Boxes with Led Mirror here:

If you are the type who uses cosmetics in abundance, you must scatter your tools around and you may want a special area for your makeup tools or a special organizer so that you can apply your makeup perfectly and even feel that your surroundings are more comfortable, so I will present you with an innovative and unique makeup organizer box from Its type.

Looking at the shape of this makeup organizer , it has been designed in the shape of an egg. It is a nice and beautiful oval shape and it is available in white only as it is a good color and is easy to fit with the design of the room or your surroundings. Medium in size and also light in weight, with a length of XH13.8, while its width is “xW7.1”. It is also equipped with three drawers, two at the top, medium size, and one at the bottom, which is larger than the rest. This oval shape makeup organizer is distinguished by an LED mirror so that you can apply your makeup easily as there are no buttons to operate it it works by touch as it can rotate 360 ​​degrees and also made of materials that do not harm your health they are environmentally friendly high-quality plastic with durability High. The best thing about this egg is that it works wirelessly and you can supply it with power via a USB charger.

This makeup organizer will provide you with the required comfort, you will not have to scatter your cosmetic tools, while you have these you will be able to organize them inside this cute egg. You can also turn on the mirror light and control its brightness By clicking on the small touch circle once to turn it on while clicking and holding it long if you want to change the brightness levels. You can move the mirror and roll it from top to bottom to choose the most comfortable position for you, behind this egg from the top there is a suitable nozzle for you to enter your hand in it to carry it comfortably since it is wireless and you can move it anywhere and any time as you can travel with it and do not worry From the way it is charged, there is a USB input port on top where you can power it up.

This design is completely new, innovative and also unique in its so-called perfect-shaped swan egg, which is beautiful and cute and organizes your tools well and is more practical. Its drawers will help you in a good and perfect arrangement in which you can put lipstick, foundation, bronzer, blush, eye shadow, primer, powder, etc. – it is not only for makeup tools but you can also use it to store jewelry, personal accessories, grooming tools and souvenirs It fits most, vanity desks, and much more. No need to use a large size makeup organizer and a bad quality mirror, this egg allows you to make-up mirror with LED lights as it can perfectly polish your makeup in dark or low-light areas, and the mirror provides vertical rotation to obtain an optimal viewing angle since its charger Features a USB cable that can be used anywhere and can be charged by a power bank, laptop, or car charger, ideal for home, office, school, or travel.


Colour: White
Size: 11″(L) x 7.1″(W) x 13.8″(H).
1 x Lighted Vanity Mirror With Organizer.
1 x USB Cable.

Save your precious space by organizing your cosmetics efficiently where you can put all your makeup tools and arrange them beautifully or put all skin care products where you can replace this makeup organizer with other small size tools that do not belong to cosmetics. When you use this egg, you will get a quiet, comfortable, and organized place. You can apply your makeup perfectly and see the details of your face with a high-quality, well-lit mirror suitable for applying makeup Also, you do not have to worry about the brightness of the light since you can control it, because it is not very radiant to the degree that is harmful to the eyes, but is comfortable for your eyes and shines well at the same time. Close or far from the mirror you can see clearly. With the sides of the egg you can see that it is equipped with a mounting technology to open and close so that you can separate the mirror from the drawers. You have seen a lot with me regarding the makeup organizer and I hope that she won your satisfaction, when you use it it will save you time for your effort and even your money so you can apply makeup in a shorter time before because of the capabilities that characterized it and provide you with comfort, it was distinguished by several paragraphs and a sophisticated and comfortable mirror and also There is no need to go to places specializing in cosmetology to get lighting that is appropriate for your makeup, as this lighting is similar to what most celebrities use when applying their makeup. Offer this cute egg as a perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, daughter or anyone special on Christmas, New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and many other holidays. Its price is appropriate and worth the price of its advantages and capabilities, but prices may rise later if you do not seize the opportunity now, prices are subject to change faster, so what are you waiting for??

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