Makeup Mirror Vanity LED with Lights

Makeup Mirror Vanity LED with Lights

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There must be a lot of women who want a good place and good lighting when applying cosmetics, or they may even use a bad mirror and do not show the true shape or make it easier for you to apply your makeup. So I will present to you Makeup Mirror Vanity with Lights that are characterized by many amazing features and help you to use your makeup comfortably, and there are many celebrities who use this type of mirror to make it easier for them to apply their makeup.

Rather than saying that this is a mirror, it is more like a machine because of its many features, Makeup Mirror Vanity with Lights is available in white and it has its own LED lighting that can be changed to three patterns with specific colors: white, yellow, white + yellow, with seventy two positions . Rectangular in shape, as you can move it to ninety degrees, the mirror is divided into several sections, and each part is larger than the other one, twice, and three times, all of which are high definition. You can also cover it after finishing it, medium size and light weight. Equipped with its own holder with a place to put your cosmetics, and the best part of this mirror is that you can control it by touch. This mirror is available with batteries where you can operate this mirror by connecting a USB cable, then tap the button behind the mirror, a lifetime warranty.

You do not need to use the ordinary mirror anymore while you own this amazing mirror will save you your time and effort so you will put the cosmetic products in a short time and you will not be late for your appointments and there is no need to move between places to see what suits you from the place and lighting. This beauty mirror will definitely give you comfort. After you use this mirror for once, then you will leave the use of a regular mirror. This mirror will provide you with the appropriate lighting for your surroundings. You can control the lighting to see what suits you and see how you will look in different environments Whether morning or night, it is a bright lighting with which you can see all areas of your face, but it is comfortable at the same time and will not harm your eyes. This mirror is designed in a split way to make it easier for you to see the small areas of your face and so that you can focus on it, such as lips and eyebrows, and put your makeup better. It is also equipped with a special area for you to put on your makeup, in order not to scatter your tools or dirty the area, so that it is easy for you to carry the tools and return them. You can rotate it at an angle of ninety degrees so that you can see your face from a good angle and an ideal vision in a suitable and more comfortable way.

72 LED Improved Lights: Upgraded LED lights can illuminate the darkest areas and bad lighting as well, and you can easily switch the color temperature between a warm glow of 3,200 km and a cooler of over 6,500,000. 3 colorful and lightweight touch patterns: You can apply this feature to change the colors from white, yellow, white + yellow by clicking on the sensor key for a long time and adjusting the brightness, and you can do the same to black out. 90-degree rotation and design TRI-FOLD: It allows you to freely set and install the vanity mirror on the desktop for good viewing from the angle. The three-fold design also allows you to open or close and also dust-proof and anti-scratch where you can carry and move around. 1X / 2X / 3X MAGNIFICATION: Allows you 3 wide magnifying panels so that you can see your face clearly and apply flawless makeup as it is certified by FCC, CE and RoHs, high quality and finely polished for an excellent use experience. Dual power supply: AirExpect illuminated makeup mirror supported by 4 AA batteries (not included) and USB cable, the mirror itself cannot store power.


LED Lights: 72pcs LED
Power Source: 4*AA battery (not included) or USB charging
Brand: Airexpect

Package Include:

1 x Vanity Mirror
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

This mirror really makes it easy for you to put on your own makeup, as for me I started applying my products cosmetics in a comfortable way and finished faster than I did before. I liked that there is a place dedicated to putting your products in order so that you can easily use them so that you can take out the makeup you need and put it in order instead of taking out a lot and then your tools scatter, when you are busy making your makeup, your hands must be full, then you can put it there easily. Also, I can rotate the mirror 90 degrees so I don’t need to move by myself until I see the perfect side for me and you can create the perfect makeup that has never been easier. And the magnification feature will definitely comfort many girls, allowing you to take care of every detail of makeup, especially applying eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow shaping, and other makeup steps that require focus. Illuminated vanity mirror helps you create perfect and accurate makeup The bright light from the LED strip lamp illuminates every detail of your face while protecting your eyes. If you have difficulty controlling the settings, read the user guide and do not mess with the settings much. With aesthetic and practical features, this mirror with lights is the perfect gift for mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, make-up artist, etc. On Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, annual events or other special occasions. This mirror is really beautiful and has amazing potential, so its price is cheap and well worth the price, but prices may rise later, it is subject to change. Therefore, I recommend you take advantage of the opportunity and get one of your own.

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