Makeup Cleaning  Brush Board

Makeup Cleaning Brush Board

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If you use cosmetics a lot, there is no doubt that your makeup tools will get dirty. Of course, you need to clean them and take care of them, so I will give you a special plate to clean makeup tools such as brushes and sponges.

This is the first plate for cleaning makeup tools, it was made with a solid quality of high quality and given the shape of this painting it is divided into six directions and there are two parts of it, the first part is divided into three directions which is the front part and the second part is also divided into three directions which is the back part And you’ll notice that among these six parts, each part has a distinct shape, with a rectangular or wavy line, or dots of different sizes. Available in Tiffany color and light weight and small size, you can see its nozzle at the end of the plate. Comes with this plate of its own cleaner and a bag as well.

This palette will provide you with complete comfort, so you do not need to bring special brushes and sponges and rub them with your hands while this palette you have will make it easier for you to clean your tools and even feel comfortable after cleaning them. There is no need to replace your tools after a short period of use. After you get this plate and clean it, your tools will become as if they are new and shine from their cleanliness. As you see, the plate is divided into several parts. You can choose the appropriate part for you in terms of the type of tool and the extent of the dirtyness of your tools. There are special parts For deep cleaning and special parts for normal cleaning, you can also keep your hands clean, you will not clean your tools with your hands, and you may be upset about the effect of cosmetics on your hands.

This palette is easy to use and clean. All you have to do is bring your makeup tools, brushes and sponges, and bring the cleaner with warm water. Apply the cleaner on the plate with a little warm water and then rub the brushes and sponges until the dirt comes out. For a more effective cleaning, apply a brush cleaner and a spray of water before gently rotating the brush back and forth along the surface of the plate Until your tools become clean, but be careful, do not rub the sponge as you do with brushes, as your sponge may damage the scrub’s strength, so rub it lightly until the dirt is removed, and so you will get clean tools that will look as if they are new as you can take care of your tools every time you dirty them with the same ones Way. The brush plate can be easily cleaned by running it under warm water and putting it dry.

You do not need to change your tools after using them for a short period, while you have this painting, you will get clean and comfortable tools. This is the most effective makeup brush cleaning tool while most makeup brush cleaning tools are made of thin rubber or silicone material. This plate is made of high-quality rigid plastic with six different surfaces designed to clean between all bristles until it permeates deep cleaning so that your brushes are clean in a jiffy. The first ever makeup brush cleaning plate. The brush plate is more effective as all you need is a spot of its own cleaner on the brush plate, then a gentle swirling motion of your wet bristles across one of its six surfaces for deep cleaning, then wash thoroughly to reveal clean, soft brushes! Maintenance system for makeup brushes can be a big investment but if you take care of it using good cleaning tools like this it will last for a long time and make washing your brushes very easy as this painting not only protects your investment but also your skin They are made of materials that do not harm your tools or your skin, but rather clean it well in order to remove dirt from them. When you use them, they will be clean and gentle on your skin, and since they are clean, they will not harm your skin. If you want to get this painting, you must seize the opportunity and get it now, as prices may rise later, so you have to get it at a good price since prices are subject to change.

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