Makeup Brush Bar – Drying Rack Organizer & Holder

Makeup Brush Bar – Drying Rack Organizer & Holder

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You must be using makeup a lot. There are a lot of girls who cannot give it up. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. but When you use makeup, there must be a lot of brushes for facial areas, as they are multiple and many, and you may scatter many of them. Therefore, I will give you a tool to organize and arrange it so that your surroundings are comfortable and not full of chaos. It is a tool for organizing and drying brushes as well.

This makeup organizer is designed to not scatter your makeup brushes and to arrange them comfortably and well with the rest of your tools. This tool is available in black color and is equipped with ten prongs so you can put your own brushes and arrange them from the smaller brush to the larger brush or you can arrange them according to your desire where the brush handles are at the top While the bristles of brushes are below, this helps them dry them faster and makes them easier to hold and hold. You can also close some of the forks until you get five or seven forks as desired. This tool is medium in size and light in weight and it is also equipped with its own bag to save it from dust or any other damages, as it is 9cm in length while its width is 3.7in

This tool will provide you with comfort instead of scattering your tools around, and you may also lose them. You can use this tool and arrange your own brushes on it. This tool can also be fixed on the table without being shaken, but do not worry since there is no substance. Specially for makeup or next to the mirror that you will apply your makeup to. Since this tool is small and light, you can move around and travel with it also in comfort, as it is equipped with a bag of its own, it will not bother you, and it will be more beautiful while keeping the bag and not to lose it either. I mentioned earlier that this tool is not only for organizing brushes, but you can also dry them. After using the brushes and washing them, this tool can dry your brushes as well. It is two tools with one tool.

This tool is elegantly and creatively designed to keep its shape and last longer, as it is small, space-saving and travel-friendly. You have to wash your brushes well after using them in order not to harm your skin. If you do not take good care of them, you will have to use a lot of brushes and waste money, and this will be expensive and of course no one wants to do that. By using this tool, brushing will be easy and fun to wash and dry. If you leave your brushes after using them without washing and drying, then the mold will grow on them and of course it will not be good on your skin. All you have to do is use the brush that is the smoothest, most economical and most suitable brush for travel in the world! You only need to open the door, flip the forks, close it again, and push the brushes into the multi-size forks, easy right?

This tool is really amazing for those who care about makeup a lot. Although it can be used for other purposes, it is preferred to use it to organize makeup brushes. It is patented 10 forks of 3 sizes: Small (2) – Fits even the smallest eye brushes – Medium (6) – Fits most large brushes – (2) – Fits wide area face brushes with a silicone grip that holds the brushes in place When it’s dry – or for everyday storage! You can use it simply by opening the cap on the edge of the brush bar, where you see an indentation of the thumb and then turning the brush bar upside down so that the ends of the tape flip over. The brush bar is closed and placed on the edge of the vanity, desk, sink or table where you can push the brush in the forks with Point the bristles down to dry wet brushes, or store and keep them while you’re applying makeup! The brush tape folds stylishly for easy storage and travel in a velor carrying case, this tool will help you to take care of your skin, after washing the brush well, this tool will organize and dry it at the same time in order to have a healthy and clean skin. You have seen with me what this tool can do and I hope it has satisfied you. If you want to have one, you should do so now before prices rise, so take advantage of the opportunity now since prices are subject to change.

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