Makeup Beauty Blender Sponge

Makeup Beauty Blender Sponge

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Many women may resort to using poor quality fabrics or sponges to use cosmetics such as: foundation, cream, powder, concealer. And that will definitely spoil your makeup and may also spoil your skin if it is of poor quality and made of materials that are not suitable for the skin, so I will provide a high-quality sponges that are suitable for makeup.

I also just told you that there are a lot of sponges of poor quality, but on the contrary, these sponges are of high quality and you can use makeup comfortably. Bouncy sponge made of non-elastic materials as it is multicolored and consists of five colors, including: yellow, purple, red, pink, light blue It is also light and comfortable to use on the palm of your hand. It is designed in an oval shape to fit all the contours of your face and to make cosmetics easy to apply. Also, every part of it is designed to suit specific areas of your face, the upper part is suitable for the eyes and lips, the middle part is the nose and chin, the lower part is suitable for the cheeks and forehead and is suitable for use in all areas.

You can use this sponge, whether it is dry or wet, but each one has its own use. You can use the sponge if it is dry for the contour and blusher eyeshadow, but it is valid for use in all areas. What I have just mentioned are the ideal products for use, while you can use the sponge if it is wet for the liquid foundation and BB cream. Concealers. But remember to squeeze the sponge well before using it, you only need a little moisture. the size of the sponge changes when it is wet, its original size while it is dry is 1.65in wide and 2.24in length long. When it is wet, it becomes larger and becomes 2.08in wide and 2.83in in length. Your use of these sponges gives you a soft and pleasant feeling on the skin, where you can apply perfect makeup and avoid wasting a lot of cosmetics, and the frequent use of these sponges does not make them damage quickly.

This teardrop-shaped sponge is specially designed to help you create perfect and stunning makeup. It is also designed without a rim to provide maximum seamless coverage and you can use the tapered edge to reach hard-to-reach places, such as around the eyes, mouth, and nose, while the base is rounded for the foundation and larger areas. Make sure to clean the sponge after each use so that the dirt does not accumulate or become contaminated and you can clean it by moistening the sponge a little and put a small amount of baby shampoo on the sponge then gently massage the sponge and press on the sponge to form a foam and until the soap penetrates inside and the sponge is cleaned and stains are removed well, then remove the excess moisture with a towel until they dry completely, and if you want to clean it well until the stains are completely removed, clean the sponge with warm water and rub it well, but do not worry about that, you will not damage the sponge. You can use sponges which are dry for blush, shading, while wet sponges for milky products, lotion as well. You can use a paper towel to flush out excess water so that water drops do not fall while applying makeup. The sponge becomes larger and softer when it becomes completely wet and helps blend easily for quick and even coverage.


5PCS/PACK, Commonly used for various kinds of cosmetics.
Colorful makeup blender sponges could bring you a happy mood.
Dual-use available, Wet or Dry.
A great versatile applicator choice from amateurs to pros.

I really advise you to use these gentle sponges as they are of high quality and soft and smooth on the skin, in my personal experience I have tried many sponges for cosmetics, but among them this is completely the best and I do not exaggerate as this is the truth everything is easy and ideal after using it , This sponges feel very gentle on the palm of my hand, which makes my application of makeup faster and smoother, and that it is easy to clean and the stains fade easily. I mentioned to you that cleaning them with a children’s cleaner is the best, but you can use any other detergent. It is also multicolored and available in five colors, all of which come together and are not individual and the price is worth it, but prices may change later so get one of your own to apply cosmetics with ease, what are you waiting for?

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