Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar

Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar

you can find Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar with different colours here :

Do you suffer from dry lips, while going to work or a important occasion, you may not want to apply a simple lipstick only and no flashy lipstick. So I will offer you Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip It can be a lip balm and lipstick at the same time also and you will not worry if you have to put a lip balm or lipstick then the color will be suitable for your lips of your choice and comfortable also you will not feel it, and since it is not just a moisturizer Regular lips, but also lipsticks, you can use with your makeup as they are two different colors that meet and complement the lip tape in two colors.

Express the natural gradient by combining the features of lip coloring and lip hydration as well. Looking at the shape of this moisturizer and lipstick, it may does not look familiar, but looks innovative, since I told you that it is a moisturizer and lipstick, so you know what it really is and if other people look at it, they may not know what it is. So its shape does not suggest its origin, and the pieces were designed with a diameter of 7.5 mm and a net weight of 2 grams. It is made of stainless steel, so don’t worry, it won’t leave an odor on your hand, as it keeps it cool. Made from natural materials to make you feel more comfortable while using it, treat your lips in a healthy way and moisturize them. Available in many colors and among them : Pink Salmon – Daring Darling – 6 Pink Step – Magenta Muse, and I will show you the most famous types.

There may be many counterfeit imitators, so beware you should check out the name of the manufacturer (Laneige), it is the original high quality. How to use it is unique and distinctive, you can use it by opening the barrier and on the right side there is a tape to push it up until it shows you a moisturizer and lipstick and then use it with ease and after finishing it, pull it down. The feeling will not be tedious on your lips and you will not feel heavy, it is comfortable and has a slight non-strong smell, you can determine the degree of color by applying a lot or a little of it. This tool will give you comfort and will save your money also give you no need to buy a lot of refreshments and a lot of lipstick while you have both in one tool.

Daring Darling

Magenta Muse

Pink Salmon

Pink Step

There are many celebrities using this moisturizer and lipstick, whether women or men. After applying this moisturizer and lipstick this effect will remain for a long time and long hours on your lips as if you just applied it and it will not be a nuisance when you eat food or drink since it is tasteless. Moisturizes the lips and gives them a distinctive color, removes dryness and cracks, gives it a more radiant and beautiful appearance, It will also nourish dead skin cells and make your lips healthier as if you applied a mask to them. This tool will be useful in the winter season and weather fluctuations. This moisturizer can permeate your lips from the inside and restore them to health, as it is easy to use and has a quick effect. More vibrant and vibrant colors. Skin-friendly ingredients that help increase your appearance and give you an attractive look.

How to Use Two Tone Lip Bar for More Stably and Conveniently?

1. When you lower the button, lipstick goes up.

2. Make sure to open the lid, when lowering the button.

3. It can be easily broken, so lift the lipstick little by little.

4. Pressing too hard on lips can push the lipstick back to the container, so lightly apply the lipstick while holding the button with your thumb.

(Lower the lever To push the lipstick out)

When I say that this will save you a lot, it definitely is. There are a lot of people who put a regular lip balm on top of lipstick so there is no need to waste and you can use this as an alternative and more easily. You can use it before bed and put a little of it, since it is a time for rest, you can treat your lips like this to moisturize it and make it healthier. Don’t worry, this tool will not harm your skin from the edge of your lips, as it is suitable for all types, but only in the event of redness, swelling, or other skin irritation, stop using the product immediately and consult a dermatologist. In the event that you have open wounds or dermatitis, avoid using it, keep out of direct sunlight and put it out of reach of children. Make sure to close the cap after each use. The amount of this moisturizer and lipstick is good and will stay with you for a long time. But be careful, when using it, do not push too much of it outwards, as it may break! This is a really suitable tool for those who want to use both moisturizer and lipstick at the same time and have many benefits. Personally, I am using these and it has benefited me a lot. You can get one for you too, This tool is not only a manifestation of your beauty, it can also treat your lips and make it healthier. . The price may be too high for some, but I would remind you that it is the trendy brand these days. It is of high quality and worth its price too. also prices may rise later, if you don’t seize the opportunity now, what are you waiting for?

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