Ionic Hammer Hair Dryer

Ionic Hammer Hair Dryer

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There are a lot of hair drying tools, but have you ever heard of a hair dryer with three functions? It may be foreign to some, but it really has three functions. When you use this tool, you will not need three other tools.

If we look at the shape of this dryer, it looks like a hammer, as it was designed to look unique from the rest of the hair dryers, as it is gray, while the edges of the nozzle are pink. The nozzle length is 5cm / 1.96in while the width is 8cm / 8.4in, the entire dryer length is 29cm / 11.4in while 15cm / 5.90in. We can see the air outlet from the back, it is equipped with a net that prevents hot air from going out while the dryer is in front It has been designed in a way that prevents hair from getting stuck and is also easy to clean from dust, and its handle is designed in an engineering manner where there is a closure button from the back and you can change the temperature from there with three levels, the first level is windy hot air and the second is soft breeze and the third is warm so it reaches a degree Heat up to 1600 Watts and it is also equipped with a long cord so that it is easy for you to dry your hair as it lengths 2.4

This dryer emits negative ions with a diffuser with a constant temperature that does not harm the hair but rather takes care of it well as it is characterized by abnormal heating with protection from excessive heat it is equipped with a U-shaped heating wire to distribute heat evenly and maintains a constant temperature and dry hair quickly while preventing The heat from damaging your hair so that the hair does not frizz after blowing. These ions are characterized by deeply nourishing your hair and also repairing hair scales. It will also give your hair softness and shine and quickly dry hair while giving your hair the best care. If you do not use this dryer, your hair will produce static electric ions, and if you use it, your hair will produce stable electric ions and support your hair. The windy hot air is suitable for fast drying hair while the soft breeze is suitable for hairdressing and the warm is suitable for simple drying of hair.

This dryer features three air nozzles with three functions and each nozzle has a specific shape that is easy to install magnetic as it has 360 degrees rotation, the first function Smooth wind nozzle where it features a smooth drying of your hair while the third function Molding nozzle where it can control the direction of the wind and the third function Diffusion nozzle can curl hair and make it more vibrant. It also comes with three heat settings (hot / warm / cold) and two speeds (smooth / fast), plus a great shot button that allows you to choose the settings that suit you and your desired style. Characterized by a unique and not traditional appearance, it looks like a hammer shape, which made it unique and more distinctive, the air flow collection technology enhances the wind speed in the hair dryer as it is made of pure nylon material.


Handle Folding: Not Foldable
Speed Control Gear: Third Gear
Wind Mouth Style: 2Collecting Nozzle + 1Diffuser
Function: Moisturizing Negative Ions, Hot And Cold Wind, Constant Temperature Hair Care
Overheat Protection: Yes
Rated Voltage: 110 (V)
Rated Power: 1600W (Maximum)
Motor: DC
Heating Wire: Spiral Wire
Line Length: 2.5 Meters
Product Size: 15* 5 *29 cm
Color: Violet
Material: New Nylon
Plug: US Standard

I recommend you to buy this amazing hair dryer, it has a lot of capabilities and functions that will make it easier for you to style your hair and dry it so you do not need to go to beauty salons for high-quality devices while you have this it will not make you need many tools as it is suitable for all types of hair so you do not have to worry about your hair type use it comfortably, as this dryer is characterized by its multiple wind strength. There are hot winds and storms and that is suitable if your hair is wet and you want to dry it quickly, and there are soft winds that are suitable for shaping the hair, and finally warm winds and that is appropriate if you want to dry your hair gently. It was internally designed in a reasonable structural way to improve noise reduction as well, ensuring that your hair is dryed while reducing decibels effectively, but it cannot be completely silent. When the dryer works, it is reasonable that the noise is less than the standard 68 dB. This product is of high quality, so be confident while using it, and if you are not satisfied with its use for any reason, you just need to return it to get a full refund, then it is cheap and worth it, so get one now before the prices rise, it is subject to change.

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