Hot Brush and Ceramic Flat Iron

Hot Brush and Ceramic Flat Iron

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If you suffer from rough and frizzy hair, then you must smooth it. There are many ways to do this, but have you ever heard of a ceramic tool with a round brush? This must be new to the majority, but there really is such a thing.

Looking at the shape of this dual ion technology, it is equipped with a brush with ionic bristles touching from the top and bottom of the ceramic surface. It is also available in purple while the part of the brush is black. You can see the control settings and the stop and start button on the handle as it features a non-slip rubber feel There is also a white pulley that helps open and close the tool as it is equipped with a retractable wire and features two heat settings. This medium-sized tool is lightweight and you will not be bothered by it while using it. Manufactured with high quality materials, diligent innovation and high-tech engineering.

There is no need to bring several tools for styling your hair, as this tool replaces 4 different styling tools such as flat irons, curling irons, round brush and styling tape with bristles where you add shine to your hair without burning or tangling and features a heated ceramic barrel to fight frizz and add shine to smoothing and straightening. This tool is suitable for all types of hair, so it does not matter whether your hair is long or short, rough or smooth, curly or smooth. We can call this tool a hot touch brush and a professional quality ceramic iron. Equipped with a dual ceramic thermometer, the Dual Ion Ceramic technology harnesses the astounding design force of ceramic heat with anti-frizz ion particles to transform dull, volatile hair into healthy, shiny, and body-filled hair. There is no need to go to beauty salons in order to have beautiful hair. While you have this tool, you can control the way you want your hair to appear and look attractive while you are in your home only!

If you want to know how this tool works and how it uses it, all you have to do is turn off the unit for use as a hot, round brush to soften hair, increase volume, and create fluctuations and waves. Open the unit to reveal the flat iron irons to create smooth, straight and wrinkle-free patterns. You can also use the two together once and at the same time. After inserting your hair between the ceramic surface, you can wrap the brush on your hair while it is inside, and you get soft and wavy hair, you can straightened, smoothed and curled it with just one brush! Isn’t this amazing? If you want the appearance of your hair to be smooth and straight, close the transformer on a part of the hair and slowly glide from the root to the ends, as this tool is ideal for placing those final touches on your new look or reactivating the hair after washing it, and for waves with smooth and wrinkles Wrap part of the hair around the barrel from the root to the ends and flip the ends of the hair under or outside by winding the ends of your hair, to create volume and lift on your hair Lift the root where additional volume is required.


Cool Touch Ionic Bristles
Ceramic Heated Barrel
Ceramic Flat Iron
2 Heat Settings
Automatic Shut Off
Non-Slip Rubber Grip
Professional Swivel Cord

This tool will really give you comfort, so you do not have to cost yourself to buy many tools for hairdressing your hair or going to centers specializing in hair beautification and wasting a lot of money. The wire for this tool is collapsible, making it easy for you to choose the right place for you to style your hair, so the wire will not be damaged of frequent use. while you have this magic tool, you will abandon many tools. This tool also have amazing results, they will give you shine and beauty and return to your hair health and make you look attractive as the use and dealing with them is easy and you will not face any difficulty in using them, but in case you find a difficulty in that then see the user guide until you rest assured and feel comfortable during Your use of this amazing tool. You will not regret using this tool, rather it will give you satisfaction and make your hair styling routine easier. If you want to get one, do so now before prices rise. You should seize the opportunity since prices are subject to change, so what are you waiting for?

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