Himirror slide : smart beauty mirror

Himirror slide : smart beauty mirror

Himirror slide smart beauty mirror You can find it here : 

Do you think a lot about makeup that suits you and how do you look after beautifying yourself? So you must have come to the right place. himirror will be perfect for you and you will forget your about your worries. It simplifies your beauty routine.

Before I dive into the features of this amazing mirror, let me introduce you to this mirror and explain to you a brief about how to use it, Himirror a smart beauty mirror with LED lights, lightweight and also equipped with a foldable and rotatable holder, easy to control, so himirror can open it and close it by the pull , where the mirror appears at the front, and when you pull it, its control panel appears by touch, and to know more about this beautiful mirror,Let’s see how much this mirror can do.

1. Style

Despite all the advantages that this mirror offers, it is only available in a rectangle and in white color, but when we talk about lighting this mirror it is equipped with LED lights lit and equipped with two strips of lighting from the top and bottom in a vertical way until you choose the appropriate lighting with your surroundings and Your skin You can adjust the color temperature and brightness as desired or select one of the five preset scenarios to get flawless makeup application.

2. Comfort

The shape of the mirror may be good and have a beautiful design, but not only that, but comfort is an important part as well. You can watch YouTube clips directly from the mirror and you can flip the mirror horizontally or vertically to watch comfortably while you are watching cosmetic lessons, and you can also minimize the video and listen to the audio only Go back to your mirror and beautify yourself. You can experiment before applying, as this mirror allows you to see what your appearance looks like in a mirror before you start applying steps to beautify yourself through virtual reality technology (VR) while the mirror displays what works for you and allows you to see the extent of harmony of colors on your skin.


Are you really tired of looking in the mirror and wondering whether skin care and clinical treatment products have an effect or not? So say goodbye to guesswork and focus on what works. You can monitor changes in your skin over time to see what works for your skin. Scan all skin care products that do not give you the desired results. HiMirror can knows which works to improve your skin, to help you manage your routine.

Himirror analyzes the condition of your skin from wrinkles, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, roughness and pores through a picture of your face!! Your private photos are also stored alongside with data, which allows HiMirror to see the progress you are making over time and you can target and manipulate those areas, while keeping the mirror off you will receive social media notifications.


If you are still hesitant, there are many advantages provided by HiMirror

Himirror features foldable mounts that make it ideal for storage, the maximum number of users is two , It features an 11-inch mirror and 16GB memory, HD resolution , the stand is made of plastic, the mirror weighs 1.9 lbs / 0.9 kg, the dimension is 8.41 x 9.37 x 0.97 inches.

Skin Analysis:

Skin Analysis Engine also contains the Skin Factors feature: Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Dark Circles, Dark Spots, Red spots Roughness, Pores, Complexion Simultaneous.

and also contains:
Skin Summary / Detailed Skin Factor Overviews / Skin Condition.
Historical Tracking: Comparison / Changes / Time Lapse.

Don’t worry if it is difficult to control, so there are steps for everything you need.

Skin Factors: Hydration & Pigmentation

Overview: Skin Summary with Skin Level / Detail Views.

Historical Tracking: Historical Changes.

Specifications of my Beauty Box:

Of course, your beauty box contains product management and product usage log, product find ,expiration reminder, and there is a product suggestion based on skin condition and weather, alarm.

Makeup Lights: 5 Makeup Lighting Scenarios – Adjustable Brightness -Adjustable Color TemMagnifying for Makeup: Actual Size, 2X, 3X 

Reminder: Today’s Weather & Location Skincare Information / Tips Body & Fitness Information / Tips Google Calendar News.

3rd Party Applications: Add-ons (YouTube / Facebook / Instagram/ Spotify)

Alexa Supported With HiMirror Voice Assistant, you can easily perform functions from HiMirror, such as analyzing the skin. Ask Alexa…
“Alexa, what’s the weather?”  “Alexa, rearrange the moisturizer.” “Alexa, what is the traffic?”

Google Duo Supported With HiMirror that you can Show your friends how beautiful you are and the changes you made with video and voice calls with Google Duo.

5. Verdict

In my personal opinion, I am using this smart mirror and my day has become much smoother, you really have to try it, it will benefit you a lot, especially for those who are busy working, so imagine that you wake up late for your work or appointment, this mirror will save you time, so what are you waiting for? The price is subject to change and quantities are carried out quickly and may return after a long time.

Himirror slide smart beauty mirror You can find it here

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