Geniecurl Auto Hair Curling Wand Review

Geniecurl Auto Hair Curling Wand Review

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You must want to stick to your appointments without being late and taking care of yourself is also important. Recently, there have been many natural ways or using tools to beautify yourself and style your hair, if you want to curl your hair easily and well, I will suggest you Geniecurl Auto Hair Curling Wand.

This device is designed to curl your hair in an easy way as there is a curl machine at the top and a barrier for heat and there are two buttons for curling your hair on the right or left side and in the middle of the tool you can see the temperature levels that consist of four degrees and in the handle There is an on button, given its wire shape, it has been diagonally designed so as not to damage frequently, and it is available in black and pink colors only.

There are many curl tools that are available for dizziness without a protector for them, which exposes your hand and the skin of your face or your ear to burn. It is suitable for all types of hair, especially short hair. It also features a two-way swirl to style your hair in the desired direction simply without the need to change the direction of the machine, and the ceramic features ionic care to minimize minimal damage. This tool will save you your time and effort as it is easy to use and you can style your hair on your own as it is suitable for all ages so you will style your hair in a short time with amazing results.

Some people may fear this machine because hair might get stuck, this device is ETL certified for safe use, and automatic shutdown after 60 minutes. some may think that there is a possibility where the hair gets stuck inside. This is true, but you have to split your hair and put a small amount of your hair inside in order to avoid that. Lay your hair in three simple steps – 1. Set your hair in the stick 2. Press the spin button. 3. Take your hair out after the beep. Using this machine is not difficult, but if you encounter difficulty with that, see the user guide. You will see amazing results using this tool, it will curl your hair the way you want and give your hair softness, shine. After using this tool, the results will remain for a whole day!

How To Use

  • Brush your hair to remove tangles before you start and take 1″x1″ strand of the hair.
  • Set the strand of your hair in the wand where the curl begins.
  • Use the right spin button if you put your hair in the right opening and vise versa.
  • Hold the spin button until you hear the beeping sound.
    Take out your hair after the beep.
  • Take another strand of hair and repeat the above steps.


Model: GENIE
Color: Black
Modified Item: No
MPN: Does Not Apply
Country/Region of Manufacture: Unknown
Power: 110-120 DUAL
Custom Bundle: No Accessory Type: CARRY BAG
Material: Ceramic
Brand: LENA
UPC: Does not apply
Features: Adjustable Heat Settings, Auto Shut-Off, Ionic

I have told you many of what this machine can do, it saves you time, effort and even your money, there is no need to go to specialized places for beauty while you have this tool you can curl your hair at home without costing and with amazing results also and you will not take much time while styling your hair it is just Seconds until you put your hair inside and when it makes a sound to warn you about the end of your curls you take out your hair. The best thing that I liked about this machine and I am sure many will like it as well. that it is distinguished by a heat protector cover and this is a unique and innovative thing that does not feature many of the curlers tools. During my use of previous curls, I was very concerned about the approach of a hot tool on my skin and sometimes I burned my self! This is a feature that you will definitely enjoy most as it is safe to use. The results of this tool are amazing and make you shine with a new look so you have to get one of your own before the prices rise so prices may change later so do not miss the opportunity and seize it now!

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