Face massage machine: “T” shape face massager + roller face massager

Face massage machine: “T” shape face massager + roller face massager

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Gold plated face massager , You must be tired of your bad, wrinkled skin, and you may feel embarrassed and anxious about it and want to take care of it in the easiest way. So you are definitely in the right place. The facial massage machine is designed conveniently and easy to use. All you have to do is hold the handle and massage your face with all Be gentle, But be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this could harm your skin rather than treat it, and it is also best to use it in moderation. If you are allergic to the mineral, please avoid this machine.

1. Style

The facial massage machine is available in golden color and contains 24 kilos of gold, small and light, available in two forms of facial massages, and includes a three-dimensional cylindrical face massager in the form of a small diamond to suit the curves of the face, compact and elegant design, safe and effective, it is environmentally friendly, no harm on the skin. It is about 6 inches long. You can clean it with its own water without worrying about it being damaged. You can also carry it in your bag or and use it anywhere and anytime. It is preferable to use it directly before bed as part of daily skin care. The machine works by clicking on the bottom To turn it on and off when the battery is present then it start vibrating, give your skin the comfort that deserves, and massage all areas of your face.

2. Comfort

The machine is designed in a comfortable way to use it and curved corners to enjoy your skin comfortable during use and it light on your hand to carry it in a proper way, the effect of improving your skin begins after three minutes since its use, but this does not mean that you will neglect it after seeing the results, but continue to use it daily, but for a short time and to ensure Better experience It is preferable to use vitamin C cream after massaging your face and to keep your skin vital. The vibration is ideal for the skin.


  • Suitable for all skin types.

  • Due to its unique and ergonomic design, you can use it for your body and have fun while taking a shower as it is 360 degree waterproof.

  •  It only requires one AA batteries, operating for a long time.

  • It improves your skin for the best and its texture Exfoliates your tired skin and rejuvenates it to replace it with healthy skin.

  • It collects energy by mini solar panels on the main body.

  • The face roller massager turns 360 degrees, and can be cleaned easily.

  • 6000 vibrations per minute, which is good for stretching the skin.

  • Relaxes the muscles, opens pores, and cleans them.

  • Vibration benefits your skin, making it hydrated and elastic.

  • Cool the massage device before using it to help improve performance and get better results.

  • You can massage your face with your own face care products.

  • It can be used with a bath lotion to enhance better absorption and make the skin more smooth.

  • It removes wrinkles and relieves dark circles.

  • It can be used for neck sufferers in this area.

  • Chin Massage – Neck Massage – Waist Massage – Buttocks Massage – Arms Massage- Legs Massage.

  • This machine can be a substitute for masks and a lot of lotions.

  • If you use it daily, you will get the results you want.

What’s in the box ??

Massager: Facial Massager + Facial Massager + Power Supply as it operates by the battery method, User Instructions + Cleaning Mop + Black Bag + In order to feel satisfied there is a lifetime warranty.


Of course you cannot prevent yourself from using cosmetics, while applying your makeup every day, it will close the pores and prevent it from gaining the air needed for your skin. Therefore, there are many types of skin care after you use make-up, but I suggest you this beautiful massage machine will stimulate your blood circulation and give you a lot.

This machine removes irritating skin spots and acne too without harming them as it vibrates 7500 vibrations per minute to promote blood circulation and tightens the face in a short period and also no doubt that it improves the fine lines of your face and activate cells and gets rid of annoying eye bags, suitable for all skin types Especially for those who sit in front of the computer for a long time and exhaust their skin, and for those whose skin contains a lot of fat, this machine is ideal for you as it tightens the face in a short time and highlights it beautifully, you will notice the results in less than 5 minutes and you will get glowing and radiant skin and make your face looks younger.


This machine is definitely worth trying. I use this product personally. I used it for sinus headaches and really relieved my pain. This machine is really good, but since it is for all skin types, I believe that the results differ according to the skin type, I used it daily from three to five Minutes and I saw a lot of variations, my skin changed and became bright until its feel has changed and it has become smoother even though I started using it for something else but it benefited me a lot , It even reduces facial pain, I used a vitamin C cream and it became more shiny and helped me easily slip and massage to achieve better results, I really recommend this product to you personally I wouldn’t exaggerate if I told you that I put this machine in my care routine and even though it A beauty tool except that it has many health benefits as well, it will be a meaningful gift for the elderly, dedicate it to your grandmother or grandfather so that they can enjoy it (suitable for men and women of all ages).

Face massage machine: “T” shape face massager + roller face massager

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