ECO FACE LED Mask Therapy

ECO FACE LED Mask Therapy

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There is no doubt that the face is one of the most important areas in the body and is more desirable for care due to its exposure to many factors and for women, it may overburden their skin from putting on a lot of makeup and of course the face will need special care in order to restore its brilliance, there are a lot of people wearing natural masks to take care of their skin This may be fine, but have you heard of an electronic mask? Of course, there is such a thing as ECO FACE LED Mask Therapy will change your skin for the better and will be the alternative to natural masks.

This mask is designed in gold and white only, its lighting color is available in red only and it is the most effective color for the skin (infrared) and is considered the optimal lighting to improve the skin and it is known that the wavelength is red (630nm) and near infrared ( 830nm) increases the elasticity of the skin and prevents moisture loss. The blue wavelength (400nm) may damage the skin and eyes, and the yellow wavelength (500nm) may not be proven. For this reason blue and yellow lights are not equipped on this device. 630nm wavelength that helps revitalize skin cells, rechargeable, medium in size and light in weight as the face fits well, no need to worry this mask is safe to use and environment friendly, made of plastic and free from dangerous chemicals that may cause many diseases But people with sensitive skin types should be wary of the things that cause them to irritate the skin.

This mask provides you with comfort and saving time and money as well. You will not have to buy many masks and waste money, so you will buy one mask that lasts for a long time. You can use this mask anytime and anywhere you want and you can make this mask within your care routine and you will achieve more amazing results compared to the previous days and also there is no need to go to salons and places specialized in beautifying your face and your skin while you have this amazing mask will be a substitute For more than one instrument, you do not have to worry about your skin type as it is suitable for all skin types.

This mask has many benefits, but if you want to see the results that you desire, you should use it within your own care routine for your face and moisturize it with the rest of the creams and lotions for better results, it is best to use reliable products suitable for your skin type until the results are doubled, it emits From this mask natural light waves permeate the skin, solve stubborn skin problems, reduce wrinkles and also prevent low-temperature burns. You will see desirable results within two weeks of use, suitable for all skin types, and the skin irritation may be improved with this treatment mask without the need to use skin care treatments, since the near infrared is harmless to the skin, so you will permeate it to prevent aging and wrinkles and improve the skin texture. It reduces melanin and increases skin elasticity.

How to use?

Clean and dry your face and put the LED mask on.
Do 5-6 treatments a week for 15-20 minutes with each treatment. It takes 3-4 hours to fully charge the battery of the mask.
You can have 3-4 treatments, 20min for each treatment, after the battery is fully charged.
If there is flickering, vibration, and noise from the mask, check charging status of the controller.

If the mask does not work :

  1. Check the USB connection between the mask and the controller.
  2. Check charging status of the controller.
  3. Press the power button until it beeps or..
  4. Set the operating time (5-20min) using the controller.

What does the box include?

  1. LED Mask, ECO FACE
  2. Controller
  3. Power Cord
  4. USB Cord, connecting with Mask and Controller
  5. Gel Pad
  6. User Manual
  7. Connecting Band


Item ID: BEFAI03-1025E
Colour: Gold, White
Voltage: 220V (Converter(110V or else) not included)
Size: 24.8×20.3×11 cm
Weight: 260 g
Charging time : 3~4 hours
Usage time : 60 minutes
Treatment Area: Facial
Country of Manufacture : Republic of Korea
Manufacturer : Borim Solution

Everyone who cares carefully about his skin should definitely get this mask and use it as part of the daily care routine. This mask is really useful and has amazing features. I use it personally and I can see the difference between my current skin and my previous skin but since it is suitable for all skin types, I think That the results will appear quickly depending on the skin type, but this is not a worrying thing, given its benefits and features, it will restore your skin radiance and youth with moderate use of the mask and taking good care of your face. It is also recommended by dermatologists , there have been a lot of people visiting dermatologists for years and they did not get the desired results while this mask will change a lot on your skin, frankly you will not see the effect immediately but you need some time to treat your skin so you have to continue In using it, you can use it whenever you want, but with a limited time, beware, daily use may harm your skin. Therefore, it is preferable to be three to four times a week. I really didn’t know there were such advanced masks are very effective. You will not know what I mean completely unless you use one of this and take care of your face , since this mask is of high quality there is no doubt that its price will be high but it is definitely worth its price and do not forget that prices may rise later so you have to seized the opportunity as soon as possible.

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ECO FACE LED Mask Therapy

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