Curlformers Hair Curlers

Curlformers Hair Curlers

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You must want to curl your hair in the easiest possible way and without damaging your hair. There are many natural and electronic methods available to curl our hair, but have you heard a way to curl hair without using liquid ingredients to put it on your hair or without even using heat? In fact, there is such a thing as there is a crimp tool with strips!! I will talk about curl ribbons here below.

The curly curl system is a patented curlform where you can curl your hair using a set of barrels with a long-term spiral curl and it is wide and shape and can also extend an ideal shape without any use of any heat which may cause damage in many cases. Crinkle drums are available in a dark purple color that is made of plastic and does not contain latex as it comes inside a luxurious medium-sized satin bag while these drums are divided into two parts: 15 barrels of dark purple color clockwise while 15 barrels of purple color Dark with a golden stripe counterclockwise all together thirty barrels to be able to style your hair the way you want it. There are also two hooks available. If you want to close the hook, push both ends together until you hear a “click.” If you want to open it, simply separate it strongly from each other, but do not twist because this might break the tool. One barrel length reaches 24inches / 60cm while width is 3cm / 1.25cm, lightweight and medium in size which makes it easy to move around, this creasing tool is of high quality. The bag also includes a step-by-step instructions package. It has a unique design where the porous structure of hair in dry air allows it to enter naturally using the technique of washing and preparing. You can permeate your hair firmly, but also flexibly and then it will return to its natural shape.

Heat curl machines are good, but of course you will want to curl your hair several times. Using heat, your hair may be damaged. Plastic hair barrels are the best alternative to high temperature curl machines that may damage your hair and also burn it. Also, these drums are easy to use and are available in two different directions. When you use a dark color barrel only you can curl your hair outside and when you use a dark color barrel with a golden ribbon you can curl your hair out. These drums will save you time and effort, since these drums do not require energy You can carry it and move it to wherever you want, or even travel with it, as it is equipped with its own bag, which will also facilitate your transportation. There is no need to go to beauty salons and waste money in order to get a beautiful appearance. You can curl your hair in your home without making any effort and you will not take time while curling your hair. All you have to do is use these barrels easily, and if you have difficulty doing so, apply curls Your hair according to the instructions and in the event that you accidentally push the styling hook, do not worry and carefully disengage it and you should not expose your hair and the net to any danger.

You do not need to curl your hair using the heat anymore. You can use these curly drums of luxurious and new colors with which you can create uniform or random curls in order to get smooth, shiny and frizzy hair with the quality of hair salons and for your hair to become smooth, smooth waves with a healthy appearance without being Damage to or damage your hair. It can also be used for all ages and also you do not have to worry about your hair type as these kegs are suitable for all types of hair, whether long or short, thick or light, soft or rough. You can also use it on wigs. For better results, before using these barrels, it is preferable to wash your hair first so that it is wet and after drying nationally apply cream to your hair in order to facilitate the process of frizzing and then comb your hair and split it into parts and each part has an average amount of hair if you notice that the hair did not It wraps properly, because the hair section is too large on the hook, so remove some hair so that the process is smooth on your hair. After dividing your hair, take part of the hair with the hook and insert the hook into a barrel And pull the hook to the outside until the barrel picks up and wraps your hair, repeat this path throughout the parts of your hair after that, preferring to leave it for two hours, but if you want amazing and effective results that last for a longer time, you can sleep right after you use the curl tools on your hair completely without waiting and counting Time to remove it. After waking up, remove it all and comb your hair. Combing will not reduce the effect of frizz, but rather make it better and more attractive.

What does the box include?

Satin vanity bag
Stylish, luxury, dark silver satin vanity bag.
30 Curlformers hair curlers.
2 Styling Hooks.
Full instructions

This is the best way to curl hair without using heat, so it will save a lot and provide you with amazing results as well. I used these barrels and I saw wonderful results already and the best thing is that it is without heat so that my hair has become soft and healthier, but it better to use creams suitable for your hair in order to see more effective results, I recommend these anti-heat barrels for mothers with children where you can curl your daughter’s hair in a healthy way and without damaging her hair using heat You can use this curl tool by preparing the hook and preparing the hair by separating it and taking a section about 2 cm.Use a product to style your hair as desired in order to make your hair wet then place the hair section in the hook and make sure that the hook faces the top part to keep the hair section in place Gently push the tip of the barrel toward your scalp and pull the hook out while your hair is hanging on the hook. Continue applying this until all sections of your hair are curled If your hair is tangled, all you have to do is reverse the hook to release the hair and comb it well so that it does not tangle again. Leave your hair to dry naturally or use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. Barrels can be left overnight if desired, and make sure Make sure your hair is completely dry before removing it. This is the easiest way to curl your hair. I told you a lot about these amazing barrels. If you want to have this barrel, then you should do this quickly because the prices may change later, they are high, so take the opportunity and get it now!

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