Big Curly Wavy Wig

Big Curly Wavy Wig

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There are a lot of girls who suffer from bad hair and have difficulty dealing with it, as it is always tangled and difficult to separate or be rough and difficult to comb. Therefore, some people may resort to wigs, so I will offer you a wavy wig suitable for everyone to use.

This wig is made of high-quality heat-resistant synthetic fibers, it is available in natural black and several other colors according to the choice, 180% density natural color Swiss lace and 230 grams (1B) It also features large waves and the hair length is 26 inches. Although it is a wig, it is similar to natural human hair and is very suitable for long-term use. Also, although it has a wavy shape that you can change it the way that suits you and that you want it is strong and silky, comfortable and will not cause you any harm It is also equipped with a belt to facilitate the installation of hair, compared to the rest of the wigs, this hair is the best and closest to the real natural hair that will give you an attractive look.

When you use this hair, it will be completely similar to the image, and although this wig is suitable for everyone, only those who have curly hair prefer to avoid it, but in case of tangled hair please wash the hair gently and do not take a long time in the water to avoid tangling after it sprayed a little oil The hair is then carefully separated. This wig really will provide you with comfort, especially for those who suffer from rough hair, you should not be ashamed of the appearance of your hair anymore, this hair looks like real human hair so everyone will think that it is your hair and you can modify it as you wish. Also you can use hair curls or hair straightening tools that It is characterized by heat, But it is preferable not to use too much heat on it as it may damage the hair.

There is no doubt that your natural hair needs care, and although this fake hair Except that it is needs care too, it also needs complete care in order for your hair to look beautiful and you should not neglect it only because it is synthetic hair. If you take good care of it, it will stay with you for several years as it is. Let me introduce you to the way the factory takes care of this hair and takes care of it too. This hair does not have any smell, as it is washed in the factory with warm water and shampoo. The hair oil is applied to the hair before shipping, and the hair is protected from dye during delivery in the long term. The smell of the factory may be a hindrance to the hair, but it will not last for a long time nor is it disturbing or strong, so it will disappear after washing with a good shampoo and conditioner. In terms of tangles, hair may get tangled due to dryness, oil and dirt, so please do not comb it even with a wide tooth comb, so be sure to wash your hair twice a week.


1.Hair Material:synthetic lace font wig, high quality swiss lace, strong and soft, never hurt skin, comfortable and durable.
2.Hair Density:180% Density.
3.Hair Color:Natural Black Wigs.
4.Lace Color:Medium Brown.
5.Hair Length:26 inch.
6.Cap Size: Circumferbence of the cap is 20.25-22.00″, The size can be adjusted freely.

There is no need to suffer with your bad hair anymore. This wig gives you a beautiful appearance that you can show with confidence in front of everyone. Its use is easy and not difficult as you think as it is equipped with a belt so you can install it well on your head so it looks as if it is your real hair and has a natural appearance as you can remove it Easily also, but if you encounter any difficulty, whether installing or removing it, you can refer to the user guide and see it In order to feel comfortable and confident while wearing it, and not to make any mistake, it may damage the wigs. If you do not feel satisfied with this hair, you can return it within a week of using it, or if you want to change the size, style and color, or that your family and friends do not like it, there is nothing wrong with returning it. If you really want to use this hair, you can do that now before the prices rise, so you should take advantage of the prices since it is subject to change.

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