Beauty Mini Fridge for Makeup and Skincare (Flawless)

Beauty Mini Fridge for Makeup and Skincare (Flawless)

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There are a lot of girls who put their care products exposed to the sun’s heat or high cold and this will make the products spoil or even if you put them in a Moderate temperature zone then they will spoil, some people may not know about this but fortunately there is a mini refrigerator especially for cosmetics and care It will provide the appropriate heat and coolness needed for your cosmetics and care.

As expected from Flawless, we always find that it has a lot of products that we need and now with a mini refrigerator for makeup and skin care only !! This mini refrigerator provides you with the coolness and heat that is suitable for your own products. The length of this unit is 7.5 “width x 10.25” depth x 11 “. It is available in white color only, 4 liters. There are three options for refrigerator operating modes, either the cold mode, heat mode, or extinguishing mode. It features two shelves and a basket on the door where you can put masks on, it can be a refrigerator / warmer.

There are those who put their care products in a special section of the food refrigerator, it might be a good idea, but the smell of food will mix with the products, and of course it will not smell good !! This mini refrigerator is easy to carry and move around, you can put it wherever you want, whether in the kitchen or even your room, and it will not be annoying to you since it is small in size. This refrigerator will provide you with a private space and even it is attractive and nice.

In fact, this refrigerator is versatile, but it is preferable to use it for cosmetics. You can use it for masks, oils, medicines, food, drinks, or even breast milk. It can be a refrigerator / warmer. The heating feature can be used for solid products and the cooling feature for liquid preparations, so your products will remain for a longer period, you will maintain it well. Also you can put creams, masks and massage machines. This mini fridge is really useful for your day and it is worth its price. It is the ideal and best place to store your own products.


Easy to move – small size and lightness – easy to control – save space – keep products for a longer period – can be a refrigerator and a warmer also – multiple use – save time and effort – divided into several sections of the interior.


Product Dimensions: 7.2 x 10.2 x 10.8 inches
Shipping Weight: 5.1 pounds
UPC: 754502043958
color : white

If you are still hesitant about this mini fridge or do not want to use it for cosmetics, as I said earlier, you can use it for simple foods, drinks or medicines, and it may be expensive for some, but it is definitely worth its price and I want to mention the prices are subject to change later as it is not fixed so take advantage of The opportunity now to try it out would have been great if it had many colors but white is a good color too, I have been using this refrigerator / warmer for more than a month and everything I see is good in it. The cold and the heat are suitable for my products. You can put it in your own room and open it while you are sitting while you are preparing to put your makeup or be beside your bed and put your care products while you are preparing for a good sleep. The fridge is really amazing and easy to use. All I have to say is it is nice and cool, you should use it.

Beauty Mini Fridge for Makeup and Skincare (Flawless)

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