Automatic Curling Iron With two way rotating

Automatic Curling Iron With two way rotating

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There are a lot of women who take time to try to style their hair and there are a lot of cumbersome tools that take time or need someone else’s help, but this hair curler will facilitate your time and effort and you will not need someone else help, it is an easy tool to Use, you can style your hair on your own, and you will not be late for your appointments, and you will appear attractive.

The automatic creasing tool is designed in an attractive, simple and easy to use as well. It is available in white and pink, although it looks like the game, but it has amazing results. There is no need to hold the tool with a heat-resistant cloth or glove, you can operate it by pressing the button in the middle and It will start to rotate in 360 ​​degrees to perfectly heat your hair, press the right button if you want to curl outside and the left to curl the interior. The dual-speed high-speed PTC heating station heats up to 400ºF (200) in about 60 seconds, it is best to read the user guide before using it.

Perhaps you are the ones who suffer from styling hair and take time, the automatic curl will save you this time and effort so you can use it with all comfort and all you have to do is to wrap your hair and it will start spinning, but be holding the button until the rotation is over and wait for a short time and then Pull the hair down and you will see the amazing results, you will not wait for more than ten minutes while styling your hair, this tool is simple and also good. It is preferable to leave the tool after running it for a short time until it gets hot that you get silky hair and the results are doubled and you can curl it in the appropriate way for your hair : loose, natural, This tool works best for long and medium hair.


  • Heat up to 400ºF (200 ℃ in about 60 seconds.

  • 360 degree rotation.

  • Made of materials with materials.

  • High quality Easy to use and safe.

  • 3X Coated with ionized ceramic tourmaline.

  • For all types of hair.

  • Save time and effort.

  • Coefficient of friction is 0.1N

  • Heat resistant

  • 220v two way rotating hairdressing tools


Barrel Diameter: 1.1 Inch/28mm
Voltage:100-240V 50/60Hz
Power: 45W
Barrel: Tourmaline Ceramic Coating Heat
Technology: Dual PTC
Temperature Setting: 200±10℃
Power Cord: 360 Degree Swive
Product Dimensions: 3.2 x 3.9 x 13.8 inches ; 1.32 pounds
Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds

You do not need to damage your hair using equipment that is not useful to you, you can use the automatic curl tool and your hair will become shiny, the tool is light in weight and will be easy for you to carry with one hand since the handle is comfortable without worrying about it, you can use this tool after drying your hair As its heat is suitable for all types of hair and it is preferable to put a good amount of hair during rolling in order to not spoil your hair and the results that you desired will not appear, this automatic tool acts as a professional hairdresser, it will give you smoothness and to your beautiful hair, it is characterized by several characteristics and easy to use, there is no need to bring a lot of equipment to hairdressing Your hair, The tool alone will fulfill the purpose five times the rest of the tools.

As I mentioned earlier, the shape may not suggest that it is a good tool, but it was designed in a nice way to make it easier to use, but the ease is not all that it shows despite its ease and you can make your hair appear healthier and shine and feel comfortable and confident in front of others without feeling embarrassed of your looks, I suggest this tool for teenagers especially because it is easy to use and will save a lot of time for those busy who want to take care of themselves more, You can suggest this tool to friends or family or give them as a gift, you guys should try it, it will relieve you a lot and make your appearance more attractive and its price is good and don’t forget that the price is changeable and I will say it again because the shape may not look good but the results are very amazing, you have to seize The opportunity now and get one of your own.

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Automatic Curling Iron With two way rotating

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